Remember to Ask the Question

leastI’m thinking about yesterday’s lesson. The more I consider Jesus and Bartimaeus  (see Mark 10:46-52) the more I’m convicted – especially when it comes to the forgotten and ignored. It is way too easy to disregard the needy. Jesus’ question at the introduction with Bartimaeus intrigues me. “What do you want me to do for you?” is what He asked. Bartimaeus wanted his sight back. That one question opens up a whole new way of relating for me. Instead of acting upon my uniformed solution based upon my preconceived prejudices, I really need to know the person’s story first – their desire. It might very well be that my biased solution is no solution at all. I’ve got to be willing to ask the question and then listen to the storied answer. It’s in hearing the story of one’s desired outcome that I become more aware of how to help, assist, and offer kindness. We all share in the call to connect with the least of these.

2 thoughts on “Remember to Ask the Question

  1. Laura

    Brad, Thanks so much for your sermon yesterday. I spent the morning thinking about yesterdays lesson as well. I have been struggling to help a family member in NC since April 13thish,when my aunt passed away. The grief has been at times almost more that I can bare, and I have toyed with coming to talk to you. Grief is something I had never really had to deal with. I have been going back and forth to NC weekly to try and help my uncle get the house in order and restore it back to a place where he can handle all of it on his own. This is not something I ever thought I would have to do(look after the least of these). Lately I have been praying if what I was doing was helping or hurting my uncle, and if I should keep going with how things are. I have even had friends tell me I was doing to much and he needs to do things on his own. That was and is not what my heart is telling me. My husband has even told me that he feels like God is using me to help my uncle in many ways,not just getting the house in order. Yesterday was the answer I was looking for! I had prayed Friday night and begged God to shoe it to me plain and clear and He did,through you!

    1. Brad Hoffmann Post author

      Hey Laura, Thanks for the comment. I know it’s been a struggle and challenge. Definitely God is using you and probably in ways you may not realize for many days to come. Keep loving the least of these. Brad

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