The National Day of Prayer at Cool Spring

Today is the Natio32545_national_day_of_prayer_single_flag_t_smnal Day of Prayer. It’s the first Thursday of May every year. Tonight I’ll join others on the steps of the Cool Spring Baptist Church Sanctuary. The clouds have rolled away and the sky is a perfect blue. There’s a cool crisp in the air that will make the meeting all the more enjoyable. We’ll gather for 40 to 45 minutes. There will be some conversations, some music, but most all there will be prayer. As a people we’ll gather to pray for our churches, the community, our state and the nation. The National Day of Prayer is a great reminder of our obligation to pray and of the power of God. This day is an encouragement not just to pray once a year, but also to continue praying throughout the year for God’s moving, leadership and intervention. I’m grateful to Bryan for his staff leadership on Cool Spring’s National Day of Prayer. I’m thankful for a host of people that make up our Prayer Team at Cool Spring.  Today is a fulfillment of a vision. Their commitment and passion for prayer is evident and contagious. I hope to see you there this evening at 7:00 p.m. on the steps at Cool Spring.