A Snapshot of Generosity

At Cool Spring we have a three-priority strategy: Growing, Missional, and Generous. While this is not all that we do, it is our focus. Missionally we’ve focused efforts in homelessness and hunger related causes with the expressed purpose of relaying the gospel in action and words through the end of the year. With growing we’re geared to launch a new venue (4th morning service) this fall (September 8, 2013). The new venue will be live worship with video teaching. The video venue ultimately opens the door for our multi-site strategy. With generous we’re working to increase stewardship awareness by adding additional financially participating members and attenders. Only a certain percentage of attenders and members participate financially at Cool Spring. While our statistic is average, our goal is to raise the bar.

A church’s mission is either enabled or hindered by the generosity of its attenders. A couple of weeks ago I shared a brief goal summary during the services. The following week I received a letter from a newer member stating God had been speaking to them about generosity and wanted to accept the challenge and be numbered among the new givers to financially support ministry through Cool Spring. Enclosed with the letter was a check representing the new commitment. As I was both blessed and encouraged by the display of generosity, I stopped to thank God for the actions of this new Cool Spring partner. I’m continually amazed at how God works and by the obedience of His followers. This is definitely a sweet snapshot of generosity practiced.

2 thoughts on “A Snapshot of Generosity

  1. jimsomerville

    Brad: I love what you’re doing with your missional emphasis. Have you heard about FBC Richmond’s year-long, every-member mission trip called KOH2RVA? We’re trying to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Richmond, Virginia, and as I tell our members, “There must be a thousand ways to do that.” It looks like Cool Springs has found some of those ways as well. Good for you!

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