Sometimes I Think Baptists Are Weird

I’ll start with the hair. Try attending a denominational meeting – you’ll see what I mean. Enough said.

When we confuse politics for faith and faith for a brand of politics. I don’t think Jesus is either a Democrat or Republican. I know He’s not a Libertarian, Green, or Constitution party member – no offense. Jesus didn’t call you to join a party; He called you to follow Him.

What about the secret titles and phrases? I’m not sure why we use words like “brother” or “sister” in our reference to someone in the church. There are even those religious words, spiritual platitudes, and phrases we overuse. It’s our own secret language.

When the Gospel distinctive is overshadowed by Baptist distinctives. Isn’t pursuing Christ more important than holding onto man’s principles?

Jesus wore a suit, right? If you want to wear a suit go for it. If you don’t then that’s okay too. Why look down upon someone who does or doesn’t? I guess it could be worse. We could have to wear interesting hats and red shoes – no offense, please.

Okay, it’s confession time here. I don’t do most denominational meetings well. It’s the smiling veneers. I know people are people and everyone means well, but these sorts of gatherings have the tendency to give me the creeps. Maybe it’s the disingenuous backslapping, comparisons, and boastings. Get around a bunch of ministers (or really religious people) and you have the potential for a less than truthful environment.

When you get the secret handshake. What about those closing choruses when the worship leader has you hold hands, lift them high, and sing? After the song is finished or the last word spoken there’s that gentle holy squeeze. One word here – awkward! NO offense, but I don’t want to hold your hand. I don’t want to try and figure out who is going to grasp the handhold like a man or woman? And of course instead of thinking about what we’re singing, I’m pondering when was the last time you washed your hands.

But, I think there’s hope as long as we remember and demonstrate that it’s not so much about the brand as it is about one’s abiding with Christ. This all said from a Baptist minister.

11 thoughts on “Sometimes I Think Baptists Are Weird

  1. Joseph

    No Brad … You’re weird! No offense BROTHER lol! Sooo wishing I had written this shallow post! Now excuse me while I go wash my hands … I’ll be holding someone’s later I’m sure bwahaahaahaa!

  2. Laura

    So Rick has been right about us all these years? LOL You forgot to mention about having our same seats every Sunday,and freaking out because you have to sit on the front row:)

  3. Brother Stephen

    Come on! I know people who won’t go to church because they “don’t have anything to wear.” On one hand, you’d like to say “it’s all in your head,” but the problem is, often it’s not. I’ve been in churches where people snicker when someone isn’t dressed in “Sunday best” and are often even bold enough to comment out loud. Boy, have they missed the boat. Jesus didn’t come for the healthy, He came for the…fashion challenged? Fortunately, we have a pastor that doesn’t care what he looks like. Ha Ha! Couldn’t resist!

  4. Steve Schwartz

    Ohh, now you are stepping on some toes Dr. Hoffmann. Will be interesting to see what happens when someone wants to hold or shake you hand at the next denomination meeting. Truth is, lots of Baptists ARE Weird! Good post and pretty brave I must say!

  5. wisdomfromvwilmink

    From everything I know about Jesus, he definitely would not have been a capitalist. He was a socialist at heart. He was almost like Robin Hood, you know? Taking from the rich and giving to the poor, because the rich were too damn greedy to do it themselves! Just a little wisdom.

  6. wisdomfromvwilmink

    You’re right, I can’t know for sure if Jesus was a socialist at heart, but from all of the evidence provided in your holy book, he was showing many of the symptoms of anti-capitalism and pro-socialism. He said to sell your possessions and give them to the poor, it’s easier for a rich man to get through the eye of a needle than to get into heaven, and he was in favor in caring for the poor. At the very least, he was liberal leaning.

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