A New Book on the Horizon

I’m always intrigued at how God actually works – weaves relationships, friendships, and experiences. Something that started in the late 90s turned into a book in 2007. Who would have thought? Good allowed me the privilege to co-author Preventing Ministry Failure, a book on self-care strategies for ministers. I’m amazed at how God has used this publication over the past nearly five years and continues to use it.

He’s woven relationships, friendships, and experiences once again. This past month, I received a significant research grant to delve into the lives and practices of ministry leaders. This time, I’m looking at the spiritual formation practices of ministers. We’ll employ a nationally ranked research firm to explore this issue. The findings and examination of current and classic literature on this topic becomes the basis for a new book. This will be a work not based on opinion, but on fact and observable practices – good stuff.

Again, who would have thought?