Do You Already Know Who You’ll Vote For?

The election is nearly here. Do you really know which of the candidates you’ll vote for? Are you one of “those” undecided? It seems hard to believe there are likely voters who haven’t already made up their mind on how they’ll cast their ballot. There are a fair number of opinions and comments floating around these final days leading up to the election. Rather than buying the daily rhetoric, have you read the official party platforms? Do you know the Democratic Party’s position on issues? What about the Republican Party, do you know what’s in the Republican Party platform? I think it’s worth a read. Here’s a link to the DNC Platform and here’s the link for the RNC Platform. You might actually be surprised by what you read or what you don’t read in them.

After you’ve read the platforms, what about taking a quiz? It’s the Political Quiz by the Pew Center. Wonder where you land or fit on the political spectrum? How liberal or conservative are you? Are you moderate or extreme in your positions? Which party do you more readily identify with according to your position on the issues? Take the quiz and find out.

2 thoughts on “Do You Already Know Who You’ll Vote For?

  1. Sharon Neeley

    Thanks for these links. Erin will vote for the first time in this election. She has shared several things she has heard about the candidates and what they stand for. I encourage her to read and learn for herself as opposed to listening to the negative comments from others and the media.

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