Week Two of Living Connected this Weekend!

Sunday is week two in our “Living Connected” series at Cool Spring. Last week we looked at Link. This week we’ll dive into Learn. While there are many facets to learn, I’ll focus on just a couple this weekend. One big piece of the learn component is our diet of Scripture. For example, researchers reveal one of the most effective tools we can ever use to live an unstuck spiritual life is Scripture. People who read frequently with consistent application live more fulfilled and content. If you’re not already reading the Bible on a regular basis, why not give it a try? This weekend I’m challenging Cool Spring (and you) to commit to reading the Bible through in one-year. We’re not going to wait for that New Year’s resolution – we’re kicking it off right now! That’s right – all books, chapters, and verses in one-year. We’re using the M’Cheyne Reading Plan (modified for us) with Sunday (September 16, 2012) as the start date. If you read all the daily references every day over the next year, you’ll read through the entire Old Testament once and the New Testament twice. A printed guide will be available this weekend in all services. You can download a copy here or you can sign up at YouVersion.com or try their app on your mobile device. Just look for the M’Cheyne Reading Plan under plan options. Don’t start until Sunday, September 16. It’s simple and easy to follow. Ready for the challenge? Let’s do this!