It’s Time to Take Responsibility

I loved Jeb Bush’s comment about responsibility at the Republican Convention in Tampa. He said, “Mr. President – It is time to stop blaming your predecessor for your failed economic policies – You were dealt a tough hand, but your policies have not worked.” I’m not out for a partisan comment here, but it’s really a great illustration. What I see here is a great example of a character flaw epidemic in our culture. It’s the unwillingness to take responsibility for our own actions. In an effort to side step responsibility, we blame someone or something else for our condition or state. Blame only imprisons the blamer. When I blame someone else for my state, I am in fact admitting to a self-created bondage to the one I blame. Why place yourself in bondage to another (other than Christ)? Blame is nothing more than an excuse to live in mediocrity – less than God’s best. Did you realize truth will set you free? When you recognize your role and responsibility in your condition, you break free from the bondage of blame that holds you captive. Either your captive to the actions of another, or you choose to break loose and do something constructive about your future.

What does it mean to accept responsibility?
  1. Admit the facts.
  2. Own your condition. Recognize your role and contribution in your current situation. Simply stated, “It’s my fault.” Be sure and leave off the “buts” and disclaimers in the ownership otherwise you’re only renting it.
  3. Release others. Don’t hold them responsibility for your state. Pardon them from the obligation.
  4. Act for restitution. Seek to restore that which is broken or shattered and make it right. Fix or repair what you can.
  5. Determine what actions, behaviors, practices, values, or principles must change so that you don’t live perpetually in your current circumstances.
  6. Make one change. This is the action step for number four.
  7. Learn from the season. Itemize the lessons learned and periodically reflect upon that list. You don’t ever want to reside there again. It’s a life lesson.

4 thoughts on “It’s Time to Take Responsibility

  1. Hours

    This is what is so irritating to me. The last two posts you have written definitely ARE paritsan and are dangerously one sided. Everything you have said could easily translate to your own party as well. There is too much mud-slinging, too much dividing and too much all around NASTY half truths being concocted from both sides. I am neither Democrat or Republican and it amazes me how everyone thinks that their party is THE party that is right and Godly. They BOTH are right and the BOTH are wrong. It is important to relay both sides, especially when you are in a power position (where people listen to you) and take your opionion as fact. So many people don’t really know the facts of politics and look to their friends, facebook, internet and news to tell them what to think. Say what you will, but don’t act like this is bi-partisan. Promote what you believe and love and don’t bash what you hate.

  2. Brad Hoffmann

    Thanks for the comments – I appreciate your thoughts. Do have to say I disagree (nicely) with you. Don’t believe either post to be partisan. One speaks to bigoted racist remarks propagated by media (which they do both on FOX and CNN both). My post today speaks to a societal epidemic. For once, I’d like to hear someone actually own up to the fact they were wrong, made a mistake, miscalculated, or did something inappropriate. People can only blame their parents, spouse, children, job, friends, school, employer, or government for so much and for so long. If there is going to be lasting change in relationships, families, work, life, school, job, or environment – we’re going to have to learn to take responsibility for our actions and behaviors before there can ever be healing, wholeness, and success (whatever that is). Jeb’s remark simply characterized the example. Four years ago, the shoe was on the other foot so to speak. This isn’t so much a political issue as it is a societal concern crossing generations and socio-economic line.

    PS. In reference to politics – I agree there’s way too much mud slinging – tired of the commercials and the rhetoric (see a previous post – The Lies of Romney, Obama, and Company).

  3. Brenda Sanders

    I agree with your statement, Pastor Brad. I see it all the time now. Adults, teenagers and children need to own up to their mistakes and not blame others. I do disagree with the first comment. I think pastors should encourage their congregation to vote for the candiate who represents our christian beliefs that come from God in our Bible. I cannot vote for a candiate who believes in abortion, gay marriage or whose agenda supports socialism. I believe the majority of people in our church know the facts, follow the news and keep up on the issues. We are at a critical time in our nation. We should encourage everyone to vote and help to get people registered to vote. I am praying for our nation.

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