Just Give Me the Facts – PLEASE

Today was another example of the absurd in reporting and politics. Yahoo News fired Washing Bureau Chief David Chalian today for his ridiculous remarks while unknowingly live. He spun a bad joke commenting Mitt and Ann Romney were not concerned at all and were happy to have a party while black people were drowning. He was commenting on the fact the Republican Convention was happening in Tampa while Hurricane Isaac was hammering the Louisiana coast. Not only is this statement offensive and in poor taste, he’s also completely incorrect. While New Orleans is 28% white, 67% black, 3% Hispanic, and 2% Asian, the actual flooding was in Plaquemines Parish where the population is 67% white, 20% black, and 4 % Hispanic. Not only is Chalian a racist and prejudice, he can’t even get his facts correct! And of course it’s not even mentioned that President Obama didn’t alter his campaign schedule for the storm either. I wish we could get factual non-biased reporting out of our news agencies rather than unprofessional, racist, bigoted, and defamatory remarks. Come on “professional” reporters! Do your job! Be professional! Report the news! You can do better! I know it!

Here’s the audio portion of David Chalian’s comments: