How Can You Make a Difference this Election Day?

I’ve been thinking this week (understand that can be dangerous). How can someone make a difference this election? I can register to vote, if I’m not already registered. As a registered voter, I can make plans to cast my ballot on Tuesday, November 6. I can educate myself on the issues – become a truly informed voter. Educating oneself does take some intentional research. Be cautious of the accusative campaign rhetoric. Look for the facts and judge the candidates honestly. But, what else can I do? Here’s a thought. I’m going to make myself available (volunteer) this year as an Officer of Elector or Poll Worker. I’ve never done this before so I don’t really know all that I’m in for on Tuesday, November 6. I just feel led to make myself available to serve. My decision is about being a presence of peace rather than any political agenda. I think it’s a great opportunity for Christians to be a peace presence at the polls. Additionally, it is the demonstration of one’s civic duty and responsibility. We have a role to participate in government. How can you make a difference? What will you do Election Day 2012? How about volunteering to be an Officer of Election or Poll Worker this November. I’ve included some links to Voter Registration officials in area local governments. Let me know if you’re going to volunteer this year.

One thought on “How Can You Make a Difference this Election Day?

  1. Brenda Sanders

    Way to go, Pastor Brad. Thank you for talking about it in your sermon today. I hope you encouraged people who have never been involved in the election process to now volunteer. I volunteered in our last election and plan on doing it again.

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