The Power of Story

Reciting the gospel can be intimidating and frustrating. What do you say? How do you say it? Where do you begin the conversation? Did I get all the points in my presentation? Did my theological salvation dissertation make sense or was it too complicated? And what if someone didn’t respond? The pressure of self-expectation in telling others can shut down a conversation before it ever begins.

I think we often make the whole thing way too difficult. Keep it short and simple. Share a story. In fact, share your story. Where did you reside spiritually before you met Christ? How did you meet Christ? Share one or two specific aspects of your relationship with Christ. What does He mean to you? How has He demonstrated Himself in your life? How did He complete or fulfilled your life? When you share your story, you truly share the gospel. You’re not reciting a set of steps or facts, you’re sharing the power and transformation of Christ on an individual level – you are sharing from the vantage point of experience.

Here’s a short clip illustrating the power of story. Check it out. What’s your story?

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