Where Does God Promise to Work?

Reflecting on last Sunday’s teaching on Naaman, there’s one theme that keeps resurfacing for me – the theme of obedience. See 2 Kings 5:1-19 to re-read the story. Naaman had a choice. He could have kept walking away in anger. Things didn’t exactly play out the way he’d planned. No attention from the prophet Elisha, only the servant – really? And to think he’d been told to go and dip in the Jordan River seven times? What was so special about this river? Certainly the water flowed better back home! Naaman’s servant’s plea created a defining moment for the warrior. He had a choice. Follow the instructions from Elisha’s servant or reject his directions. This was a crisis of obedience. Naaman heeded the servant’s petition. In obedience to the prophet’s command, Naaman discovered God’s healing. In the story, I find this principle at work – Obedience puts us in the places where God promises to work. God promised to work in the Jordan and only after Naaman dipped seven times in the water. It was the location for healing. And to think Naaman almost missed it. His pride, anger, expectations all served to nearly eclipse the opportunity.

When God calls, leads, speaks, and directs, we have but one choice – live out in obedience. It may appear crazy at times and even be dramatically different than we’d imagined or conjured up. But, obedience puts me in the place where God has promised to work. And, it is there that I want to and must reside, live, work, and thrive. Are you struggling with a decision of obedience? Choose obedience.

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