Another Example of Living Connected at Cool Spring

I was reminded again this week of the challenges of moving to a new community. Getting acclimated to a new area is a daunting task. Finding schools, stores, restaurants, streets, and churches are intentional choices when you first arrive. It’s stuff we take for granted once we’ve settled. I remember well those first months of our relocation to Hanover County.

In between the second and third services last Sunday, I was introduced to a new family that had just moved to Mechanicsville from out of state. One of their first assignments was to start visiting churches – we happened to be their first stop. As I listened to their narrative, I was reminded of a powerful tool. People in the community (church attenders) had helped to steer this family toward Cool Spring. Their introduction happened well before they ever set foot onto the church campus. It’s the power of story at work. Simply taking moments to share your faith journey with others or extend an invitation. People really do listen.

I also have to say a word about a couple of greeters last weekend. They were intentional about helping this family connect. It was another example of the Cool Spring story – living connected. It’s what we’re about – connected to God and connected to one another. This is truly a great and uniquely natural aspect of Cool Spring. It’s often easy to get lost in a big church, but we’re not about people getting lost in the crowd, but finding places to connect – with others, but most importantly with Christ.

Thank you greeting team and thank you church family for sharing your story, journey, and invitation – being intentional about living connected.

2 thoughts on “Another Example of Living Connected at Cool Spring

  1. Debbie and Larry

    Thank you for your kind words. We were just trying to make them feel welcomed. We had two new famlies and a single lady who we helped. So great to see so many new people entering our doors. God is doing great work.

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