So Far It’s Been a Roller Coaster Week…

This has been a roller coaster week. The ride began Sunday during the first service. I checked my phone after the conclusion to catch a voicemail. Mom had been taken to the local hospital. This had been a frequent regimen for Mom since the first week of January. The difference last Sunday was this trip wouldn’t be so regular. We discovered earlier this week the aggressive treatments and protocols would not work. We were told time is short as Mom began her journey with hospice today. My heart aches as the emotions run crazy. It’s your Mom and you don’t want to lose her. You always think there’s another day. I’ve cried, prayed, talked, laughed, and shared the story numerous times. I’m thankful for a great family – a wonderful wife, kids, two great brothers and sister-in-laws, and nieces – I can’t forget my mother-in-law too. I’m grateful for encouraging friends from around the country, a wonderfully supportive church family and staff, and my prayer group on Thursday mornings. There’s something interesting in all of this as professional and personal life intersect. I’ve sat with hundreds of families over the years that have journeyed down this similar path. The difference for me this time – it’s my Mom. I know all the right things to do and say, but it takes on a completely different dynamic when it is your family. I find myself having to rehearse previously dispensed advice often these days. I rest in the confidence there are hundreds of people praying for my Mom and our family. For this I am extremely grateful. Please continue to pray for Mom and for us. Pray God’s sufficient grace for each day – that Mom would know no pain, but His comfort and peace these last days. Pray strength for the family. We’re trusting the One in which we believe and know Him to be more than faithful in these days.

13 thoughts on “So Far It’s Been a Roller Coaster Week…

  1. Joseph

    Sweet gracious lady … part of a sweet family … prayers are with all of you in this difficult time from the Taylor family.

  2. Briscoes

    Brad, we know the journey this has been for your family and we continue to pray for God’s will and grace for each of you.

  3. Deanna Dunnavant

    Our family is praying for your family. We love you all.

    Dan, Deanna, Noah, Evan, and Micah

  4. Donna Fagala

    Brad, Jolanta and family,
    My heart aches and my eyes well up in years as I read your post. I have followed Memorial’s Prayer List for updates on your mother and have joined many others in praying for her and your family. As I pray, I always envision your mother’s glance toward me and the twinkle of her eyes, almost a wink, and a knowing smile that made a connection, whether standing near to one another or across a crowded room. I could sense her pride in you. What a beautiful gift from God to be pastored by your son! What an incredible comfort and blessing. I know these are difficult days. And I also know that the Lord is walking alongside you. Through this He grows you and teaches you a greater empathy than ever before. It always helps me to focus on special memories and moments- I know you are blessed with many of those. We pray for God’s will and comfort and peace for all of you.
    In Christ’s love, Donna and Darrell Fagala

  5. caroleswhitfield

    We just found your blog tonight. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and each member of the family. It is such a difficult time when you lose someone you love dearly. But,
    God does grant us Grace in the face of adversity. Please know we loved her so much and some of our most fun times were spent in her company!
    Bill and Carole Whitfield

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