Don’t Take America or Our Churches Back

I’m not sure I buy a lot of the political rhetoric like let’s “Bring America Back.” I watch our candidates including our President use the phrase as a means to rouse the crowd. It is this elusive idea that I’m right and they are wrong – follow me and I’ll bring American back! What exactly does it mean to bring America back? Where did it go? Where do you want to take it to? What period of history are you referring to? How far back are you trying to get?

Here’s a crazy thought. We got to where we are because of where we’ve been! Why do you want to take us back to the same place that ultimately led to where we are now? You want to relive what? You want to take us back to the past that created today’s reality – No Thanks! I don’t call that leadership. I don’t call that change. I don’t call that visionary! Why do again the same things that created our current predicament? Remember greatness is a process and not a destination – the same goes for success. Creating a promising future required charting and taking a new course. Going back only gives permission to relive the same mistakes. Our world is rapidly changing and requires leadership willing to “shape” the future forward. I really like the Star Trek motto right about now – “To boldly go where no man has gone before.” Actually sounds Pauline.

There’s a great deal of application to many a church today with this same argument. I’ve heard church leaders cry out to return the “glory” days of their church. It’s a snap shot in history where we remember things being better than they actually were. If we can just go back and do what we did before, we’ll know success again. Really?!? Don’t you realize you are where you are due much in part to where you’ve been? Do you really want to go back and do the things which ultimately led to the current state you now experience? That’s not vision. That’s turning the pages back in the history books to relive the very same mistakes you regret today. Again, it’s about charting a new course and taking a path perhaps few have taken. Real leadership is a fresh wind in a stale environment – it’s a new look at a new future. Let’s not step back, but let’s run forward!

4 thoughts on “Don’t Take America or Our Churches Back

  1. Brenda May Sanders

    I do want to go forward, but don’t you think America’s morals have gotten out of hand. Look at the television shows like Glee and Family Guy, etc. I was pretty innocent as a pre-teen and teenager. I worry about what our children are being exposed to in music, the internet and television, also in middle and high schools. I substitute and I have had to speak up several times to a few teachers for expressing their liberal views and vulgarity in a video show to a special ed. student and the class, etc. I would like to see our public schools go back to teaching with discipline, morals and teaching creation by God along with evolution. There are some states that teach both now. I have always voted local, state and nationally and I hope we can elect a new president who will put God and America first.

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