Trusting God Enough

Do you trust God enough? Think about this question for a moment. Isn’t it easier to trust God for some stuff yet struggle in trusting Him for other things? Take Abram in Genesis 12 as an example. He trusted enough to leave his country, relatives, and household to follow God. Abram trusted God enough to forsake the familiar. In all the travels, frequent conversations, and sweet worship, Abram knew God. When famine hit the land, Abram traveled with Sarai to Egypt. Before arriving he struck a deal with his wife. “Let’s just tell them we’re brother and sister,” he said and Sarai agreed. Abraham was concerned for his life as he sojourned in Egypt due to Sarai’s beauty. He feared Pharaoh more than he relied upon God. Abram trusted God for the journey, but not the duration in Egypt? Why is that? I think it’s easier to trust God in the places we feel we have a little control. When a scenario is completely out of our control, trust is a little more awkward. Here’s a thought: trust God regardless. Resolve to trust completely.

Let me relate for a minute. Our family transitioned to a new area late summer/early fall last year. We trusted God completely in the transition for many reasons one of which was a confidence in the call – God’s leadership. In the following we saw God simply be God. We experienced His goodness, direction, and affirmation with each new day. We KNOW we have followed His leadership well. Six months later we’re confident and we’re trusting even though we have a house that remains unsold back in Texas. As I’m writing this, I can say with all transparency and sincerity that I’m confident God will cause a sale. I don’t know when, but He does. We’ve done all that we can do. It’s market priced (less than we paid for it 7 years ago ☺), we have a great realtor, and wonderful friends eyeing and helping to care for the property. The details are being incredibly cared for. There are many people praying for that sold sign. I’m not going to fret, practice insomnia, or worry. We’re trusting and following God, confident in Him, and thankful for His provision.

So here’s the question, “Are you trusting God enough?” Your concern may not be real estate twenty-hours away, but it’s just as big and real – if not bigger. Trust Him. He is faithful not only in the resolution, but in the journey.

2 thoughts on “Trusting God Enough

  1. Brenda May Sanders

    I will pray for your house to sell. With the Spring season arriving, hopefully the housing market will pick up and interest rates are low too.

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