Etiquette for the Car Rider Lane at School

I thought the other day that we could use some practices of etiquette in the car rider lane at school. What is the car rider lane at school? It’s the lane where a parent or guardian either drops off or picks up a child at school. I’ve thought about some simple reminders that could enhance the motoring experience. This might seem crazy, but I think it just might help in the morning routine. So here’s to making the drive to school that much more enjoyable!

  1. Driver, please remind passengers to exit the vehicle swiftly and with care.
  2. Driver, remind your passengers to have all bags and belongings packed and ready for exit prior the loading and unloading zone.
  3. Driver, please refrain from texting, calling, or emailing while in line. Your complete attention in operating the vehicle will make you more aware of your surroundings and the traffic flow.
  4. Driver, please inform your passengers to primp, put on makeup, floss, shave, or brush their teeth prior to the loading and unloading zone. Personal grooming practices and the gathering of personal items in the loading and unloading zone create unnecessary delays in the zone.
  5. Driver, if your passenger is delivering a large project requiring unusual loading and unloading assistance, please pull to a convenient parking space and assist the student with the delivery of the project from a parked vehicle. Handling projects in the loading and unloading zone create unnecessary delays for other vehicles.
  6. Driver, please refrain from aggressive driving tactics both prior and following the unloading or loading of a vehicle. Unsafe practices create hazards for other vehicles.
  7. Driver, please pay attention to the vehicle in front of you and pull up accordingly.
  8. Driver, please sign and disburse all necessary forms, checks, papers, permission slips, and reports prior to the loading and unloading zone. Planning ahead for these basic necessities can enhance your morning commute.
  9. Driver, please refrain from any over the top socialization such as rolling down the window to catch up on the last ten years of life with your neighbor while waiting in line. Make an appointment to catch up at Starbucks. There’s one at VCC and one at Parham.
  10. Driver, please practice courtesy by allowing another vehicle to merge into the traffic lane when exiting. Cutting off a couple of cars to make the exit isn’t really going to save that much time. Put a smile on someone’s face by practicing courtesy. We’re all in this together!
  11. Last but not least, always remember that your child could have taken the bus!

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