IT Really Does Make a Difference

You either have IT or you don’t. All I can say, IT is amazing. Though I know IT, I’m not sure I can adequately describe IT.  If you’ve been around IT, you know IT. This stuff isn’t manufactured. I can’t recreate IT and neither can you. IT is either there or IT isn’t. But, this I know, IT makes all the difference. Not every church has IT. Some do while others don’t. What is IT like? IT is a dynamic spiritual momentum. IT is captivating, exciting, and magnetic. Maybe you’d refer to it as God’s presence, the Spirit’s moving, an anointing, or a blessing. IT is real, tangible, and authentic – God’s hand upon a local congregation in a singular geographical setting. IT is not determined by outside human influences, but IT is something God does in a specific place. When you are in a place that has IT, you don’t want to go any where else. When you have IT, you don’t want to lose IT.

Have you read Craig Groeschel’s IT book? He knows about IT. He describes IT well revealing meaningful insights about IT. There are some common identifiers in churches with IT. Want an Biblical example of a church with IT? Antioch is a good one. Remember Barnabas in Acts 11. He traveled to Antioch to confirm the reports. When he arrived, he saw (witnessed) the grace of God. He was glad and encouraged the church. The Gospel was both shared and lived while people were added to the church on a regular basis. Barnabas knew IT was in Antioch. He traveled to Tarsus to find Saul and bring him back to Antioch. For an entire year they both met with and taught in the church. The disciples were first called Christians in Antioch – a living example of little Christs.

When a church has IT, humility pervades the church culture. Faith is real – people actually get Jesus, grace, mercy, and the whole relationship piece. Being a part of something bigger and making a difference is at the heart of a church with IT. Relationships, connection, and linking both with God and with others are obvious. Big vision communicated, understood, and passionately pursued is typical in a church with IT. The willingness to take risks and to trust God’s leadership in the process is the norm. Servanthood permeates the relational context. The needs of others trump personal preference in a church with IT. Generosity is the standard. While there are numerous identifiers in a church with IT, you can’t discount or ignore that God is ultimately responsible for IT. If you are in a church with IT, thank God for what He’s doing in your congregation. Don’t lose sight of the value, blessing, and presence of IT. IT really makes all the difference.