Don’t let Hamza Kashgari Disappear from the Headlines!

Hamza Kashgari is a young journalist who fled Saudi Arabia after his tweets about Muhammads’s birthday created an outcry. His Twitter posts claimed equality with Muhammad along with other seemingly derogatory observations. Kashgari has since issued an apology. The story doesn’t stop. Malaysia deported the young Journalist returning him into the hands of Saudi Arabian officials. He was denied access to his attorney and family during this ordeal. Now back in Saudi jurisdiction, Kashgari faces charges of blasphemy as an apostate – a crime punishable by death.

This is but another example of a long list of Islamic atrocities. Where is western Islam? Why is the American Muslim so quiet? Why has this action not been publically condemned? It is because this is mainstream Islam. These are actions taken by modern governments – Muslims and Muslim sympathizers. Once again you see very clearly the absence of human rights and the lack of value placed upon human life by Islam. Islam does not foster human rights. Islam does not value human life. These tenets have no voice in Islamic culture or tradition.

To even consider taking a man’s life because of a few tweets – really? This is realism – true life in an Islamic dominated society. Why do you think Hamza Kashgari was running? He was running for his life!

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