3 Questions for Every Leader

Leaders ask questions. Every leader should ask three questions on a regular basis. What are these three questions?

1. When am I dreaming? Effective leaders spend time dreaming, creatively thinking, and visioning. Schedule it! If you don’t, you won’t dream. Get away from familiarity – walk out of the office into a space where you can think and dream. Talk to God, but most of all listen. Find a space, place, and time where you can see, hear, and dream God’s vision. Dare to think, dream, and believe bigger things. Make sure it is bigger than you. Are you dreaming a dream?

2. How am I communicating? If you want people to follow with you, you have to share the destination. Visions, dreams, and creative ideas aren’t understood through osmosis. You have to share it – speak it, write about it, and paint great pictures. Every leader has a dream, but it’ll never become reality unless it is shared and acted upon. Allow time for others to process, formulate, and collaborate the details of the dream. Create moments for buy in and ownership. Are you communicating a vision?

3. What am I learning? Leaders are life long learners. Every effective leader I know is a student. They read, listen, observe, memorize, and study. Learning should never cease for the leader. Stale leaders teach a passionless truth. What are you reading? What are you studying? Who are you listening to or following? Keep learning!

Ask yourself these questions on a regular basis. Keep on the leader track. Leaders are dreamers. Leaders are communicators. Leaders are learners.