When Comedy Loses Its Laugh… on Bill Maher and Tim Tebow

Here is another example of our culture’s warped sense of political correctness: be a respecter of all others except those of the Christian faith. Bill Maher’s sent his offensive tweet last weekend after Denver’s dismal performance, “Wow, Jesus just f—- #TimTebow bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler, “Hey, Buffalo’s killing them.” As a Christian, I’m repulsed – beyond offended by the tweet. I’m further disenchanted with Fox News’ Andy Levy who dismissed the remark as Maher’s job, “He’s a comedian, who cares!” That’s a ridiculous pass!

Remember Rick Sanchez? CNN fired him because he referred to Jon Stewart as a bigot and referenced Comedy Central among other networks as run by Jews. Remember Juan Williams? He was fired from NPR after commenting about people wearing Muslim apparel on airplanes made him nervous or worried. Isn’t is amazing how others lost their employment for lesser offensive remarks. It’s one thing to utter an opinion that’s unpopular, it’s a whole other thing to intentionally degrade, injure, or make incredibly offensive statements with the purpose to inflict harm.

While I certainly don’t dismiss Bill Maher’s actions, I’m not sure he has the capacity to understand the repulsive nature of his statement. As an irreligious commentator, Maher displays contempt for Christians (and the Christian faith) which is evidenced by numerous previous remarks and spots. Here’s the sting Bill – to reference my Lord in a degrading, foul, and demeaning fashion is injurious, blasphemous, and ought not happen. I don’t advocate unemployment for Maher, but he should be censored and the network should yank his chain. I believe Maher should make a sincere public apology to both Tim Tebow and other Christ followers both on Twitter and before a camera. There should be consequences for bad behavior especially for purposefully offensive, repulsive, demeaning, and injurious remarks. Just because you’re a pseudo comedian doesn’t give you permission. Comedy is supposedly funny. This incident is far from humorous – it’s sad.

3 thoughts on “When Comedy Loses Its Laugh… on Bill Maher and Tim Tebow

  1. Terry Pedigo

    Thanks Brad for being a voice in this. I agree with you that this is offensive and repulsive. It does call for a public apology to both Tim Tebow and other Christ followers like myself.

  2. Brenda Sanders

    I have a hard time calling him or others like him a comedian. I think he is repulsive. Tim Tebow is an outstanding christian and athlete. I am so glad that our children, including my grandson who loves sports have him and other christian athletes like him to look up to.

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