Looking for a Gift Idea this Christmas?

Looking for gift ideas this year? Here’s a suggestion – at least it’s what we’re doing as a family. We’re trying a little something different this year in the Hoffmann household. We’re changing up the way we give gifts in our house. Instead of buying a lot of stuff for each other which often goes increasingly unappreciated as the year goes on, we’ve decided to do something that makes a difference for others. Everyone will still get a nice gift and maybe even a couple of smaller gifts. But, instead of spending what we normally spend on each other as a family, we want to give a portion of it away to others. Here’s how it will works. Each child receives a sum of money. It’s the difference in what we’d typically spend and what we’ve chosen to spend this Christmas. This money – the difference – is to be given away. Each child will choose where to give the money. It can go to a local charity, mission project, needy individual, or organization whose sole purpose is to assist others by meeting needs. Christmas isn’t about spending on ourselves, but is best lived out in generosity. Think about it, Christmas is the time we consider the incredible generosity of God in that He sent His Son – God with us – Immanuel. This Christmas think about creative gift giving scenarios where you can give it away rather than store stuff up for self and family.

5 thoughts on “Looking for a Gift Idea this Christmas?

  1. Anonymous

    We’ve been simplifying Christmas for a long time, but sometimes it creeps back up on you. This is a great idea.
    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Justin Hatfield

    We are starting to shift focus in our household as well. Our kids are younger, but getting closer to the “understanding” years, so I will save your strategy for future use. :) For us this year, we are still doing the kid gifts, however, the adults have agreed to pool our monies and do something for someone in need through a charitable organization. I challenge everyone who reads this blog to find and do something similar!! Thanks for sharing Brad!!

  3. Brad Hoffmann

    It’s great to see generosity practiced in community. Good stuff! I’m looking forward to what organizations/efforts my family chooses. It’s going to be a good Christmas!

  4. Anonymous

    This is a great idea! It is also another way of demonstrating the transformative power of Christ. It becomes less about us and more about others. Giving something as a family is just as exciting as opening a present on Christmas morning. The adults pooling money is a great idea and will still mean something to the kids and they may even take some ownership in it.

    This will become an expected and cherished tradition. It really conveys the message of Christmas to our children and those we are trying to reach more effectively.


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