You Never Know

We never fully comprehend influence; it’s a domino effect. I began to understand this principle years ago when I started intentionally walking with discouraged and displaced ministers. Every life positively impacted would in turn affect another, and another, and then still another. We have the ability to impact an untold number of people simply by influencing the lives of those in our immediate vicinity. The gospel travels well friend to friend – connect to connect. Who has God placed in your immediacy?

2 thoughts on “You Never Know

  1. Janet Thompson

    What a great video! I try to go through life being intentional as well, and it humbles me to think of all the people I will never know on whom I’ve had an influence.

    I volunteer with a man who was gruff and prickly when I first met him. It has been my personal goal to disarm him. Last night i was visiting Sheltering Arms with my therapy dog, Merlin, a 3-yr-old Miniature Dachsund. I was pleased to see this man there, and he was delighted to see us! Score!

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