Life Additives

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33

I’ve meditated on this verse quite a bit the past week in preparation for Sunday. I’ll make reference to this passage during the weekend message. Ponder the end of the verse with me. The word “given” is often translated “added” in other texts. I think I like the word added better than given. While “given” expresses something extended and unearned. Added emphasizes another intriguing aspect. If you’re adding something in context, there must be something that already exists to which you are adding. When we’re engrossed with searching for His leadership and determining His leading, He gives, provides, and adds the things that have so often have stolen our affection or attention. Is that not crazy? Do you know how much time we’ve probably wasted worrying with or being consumed with stuff, when all the time we could have been captivated by Him? Here’s why I like added, it reminds me of God’s continued momentary provision. Day in and day out He adds to my life – providing and meeting. When I think about “added” I’m reminded of the constancy and consistency of His provision. He adds blessing upon blessing. His goodness, grace, and extravagance overwhelm me. Thank you Lord for how you add to my life everyday – you know, meet, and care for my every need. May you be reminded of God’s provision in your life today.

2 thoughts on “Life Additives

  1. Janet Thompson

    I like the way you put that, Brad. Given implies nothing else, but added assumes there is something present He has already given. Much better, and truer, emphasis. Can’t wait to hear the message on Sunday.

  2. Brad Hoffmann

    Janet, thanks for the comment. It’s a simple distinction, but one I think is worth noting. He just keeps on giving – adding blessing upon blessing and provision upon provision. Jo and I had a great time out your place with the worship ministry folks this past week. Great spot! Great food! Great fun! Thanks for including us!

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