He Cares for the Details

I’m being transparent reminded of God’s concern for life’s details. Back during the spring in Texas, my youngest daughter made her junior high cheer squad – a great accomplishment and dream fulfillment. This success was booked well before we had an inkling of a possible move. When Virginia entered into the picture, the thought of my daughter’s cheering lingered throughout the discernment process of our relocation. As time progressed, I was increasingly confident of God’s call to Cool Spring. Yet, I was concerned about the timing and its impact on her. It wasn’t until our first visit that we learned cheer tryouts in Hanover didn’t happen until after school started in September. This was hope’s glimmer. Confident in the call, my wife and I had to trust – not only for the big stuff, but also for the details. We both knew God’s provision for our family would be right regardless. We prayed as have many others. We waited post earthquake, hurricane, first day of school, and several days of tryouts. Just this evening we received word she made the cheer squad at her new school.

I’m not sure I can adequately describe the contentment I know at this moment. Last night, our son made the football team. Tonight, we know our daughter will have a opportunity to cheer at her new school. These details were important to my children. Sure there are other things I’d like to see such as the sale of a house in Texas, but I’m confident this too will happen in God’s economy and timing. But tonight my heart is warmed; a huge family detail in the transition has been cared for in a very sweet way. I’m thankful for how God deals with the details – the affirmations along the way. Thank you, Lord. You are good!

5 thoughts on “He Cares for the Details

  1. Anonymous

    Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. Ps 23:6 ( His Promise )
    Thank you for sharing the blessing, we are blessed withness His faithfulness!
    Hilma Herron

  2. Anonymous

    Pr 3:4
    So you will find favor and good repute In the sight of God and man.

    As we follow Him, many things follow us – one being favor. He is so good.

    Bill Shaw

  3. Brenda Sanders

    Dear Pastor Hoffmann,
    I enjoyed reading all of your blogs all the way to when you announced you were leaving your church in TX. I enjoyed reading about your trip from TX. A earthquake and a hurricane, what a Welcome! I am happy your children made the cheerleading and football squads! It will help them too in making the transition from Tx. to Va. My grandson tried out for the Liberty Middle football team. It is in in Hanover Co. too. He made it through the first cut, but got cut on the 2nd cut. He was very disappointed. He has played for 4 years in a league. God know all. He is now going to play fall baseball. I have not met you yet, but I WELCOME you and your family and will keep you in my prayers. I did meet your wife and oldest daughter on the Sunday we voted for you to come. I hope to meet you soon. God Bless, Brenda Sanders

  4. Brad Hoffmann

    God is good! Thanks for the comments Sheila, Hilma, and Bill. And Brenda, thanks for the welcome and sharing your grandson’s story. I’m confident God has some good stuff in store for him too!

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