Go Ahead and Belt It Out

I’m at the dining room table surrounded by cardboard boxes. Jo and the kids are at a last rehearsal for the Amazing Grace Race. This will be my last night to sit at this table in this room. As I gaze across the front yard, my eyes are drawn to the sky and I’m captivated by sunset beauty. The expanse of the western sky is a glowing orange shaded in lighter and darker tints. It is majestic. I’m thanking God for allowing me to witness its beauty. Then I am reminded, each day the Lord lifts and sets the sun. It is because of Him I exist. The breath I breathe is the breath He gives. He created, knows, loves, cares, feeds, directs, and redeemed me. He knows me and by grace through faith I know Him. It is all because of Him. He deserves praise from this life. I must give Him glory, praise, and honor. I was reminded of this song – Glory in the Highest. Take a moment to listen and sing along with Chris Tomlin. If you’re alone, belt it out! Jesus deserves your praise. There’s no one quite like Him. Declare His glory right now. Tell Him, love Him, and worship Him. I love you Jesus – thank you for this life and for this hope that is to come.

4 thoughts on “Go Ahead and Belt It Out

  1. Larry Eavey

    There is a line from an old hymn “Wherever HE leads, I’ll go”. May the Lord bless and keep you as HE leads you in your travels to a new adventure in faith. The new ‘dining room table’ is being set for you and awaits your arrival with new blessings and wonders to behold.

  2. Nancy Behrens

    Dr. Hoffman, Thank you for sharing. Our family has lived in Orlando, and Houston. Rest assured, you will love Richmond! It’s not Texas, or Florida. It has a beauty and a character all it’s own. In response to your post, thank you for encouraging us to “belt out his praises.” Perhaps we should belt them out when people are around, not just when we’re alone. God has asked each of us to share His glory with others, and He has given us the exact voice that we are to use for His purpose. I look forward to many times of worship together where we can belt our praises to the Father. Looking forward to the journey together.

  3. Brad Hoffmann


    You’re right. Let’s belt it out with others around. It’s an incredible moment when believers sing together in worship from a surrendered heart and a passionate voice. Great days are ahead!


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