Disappointed: Wasatch Presbyterian Church and Rev. Scott Dalgarno

Wasatch Presbyterian Church and their pastor in a misguided attempt at tolerance promoted Islam and the Qur’an recently. The church attempted to give away 90 copies of Islam’s “sacred” text. Within each Qur’an was an inserted bookmark that read, “This book was donated by the leaders of Wasatch Presbyterian Church who are not afraid of truth wherever it can be found.” Truth? Wherever it can be found? The Wasatch bookmark suggests truth is found among the pages of the Qur’an. Really? This is an unacceptable tenet for a Christian. How does a Presbyterian church accept the Qur’an as a book of truth? Maybe it’s the same marginalized ideology the Methodists demonstrate in providing a Muslim Prayer Center in a Houston hospital? We are watching the dissolution of mainstream denominational christianity (lower case on purpose since Christ is no longer the head of the church). This whole tolerance argument is out of hand. Christians are losing their identity among and supporting the promoters of pagan gods. This new christian faith is simply a collage of feel-good tolerances void of God’s power and presence.

I am truly grieved by uniformed neo-theologians occupying pulpits. Do your homework ministers – be wise and beware! You cannot accept Islam as equal and valid to Christianity. To do so compromises your own faith – whatever that might be. Islam and her sacred writings do not support the deity of Christ, the sacrificial death and atonement, the bodily resurrection of Jesus, or salvation by grace through faith in Christ. Anything less is unchristian. Jesus is the only way – there is no other path and for any minister to suggest otherwise only serves to usher people to an eternal separation from God. Remember pastor, you are held accountable for every word you speak – speak well and speak truth.

2 thoughts on “Disappointed: Wasatch Presbyterian Church and Rev. Scott Dalgarno

  1. Brad Hoffmann

    Thanks for the link, but there really isn’t anything new here to be “up” upon. The facts remain the same. A Presbyterian Church gives away 90 Qur’ans claiming truth can be found within its pages. You have compromised your truth standard. Your irresponsible action promotes, affirms, and attempts to justify a pagan religion. As a Christian shepherd you are held accountable to a higher standard than political correctness.

    So, you think it’s alright to promote false doctrine in an effort to appease Islamists?
    Seriously research Islam. It is not a religion of peace. Look at what happened to Europe while they slept. We do not worship the same God. Anyone who promotes Allah and our God as the same is only promoting their own self ignorance.

    This irresponsible position continues to demonstrate the falling away many are witnessing among mainline denominations. It is truly apocalyptic.

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