Scripture and Its Purpose

God’s word is true, unique, inspired, intentional, and without error. It was never intended to contain every story, just the ones God designed for it to hold. The stories are told for one reason, to draw us to the person of Christ. As you read through the pages, you discover Jesus in both the Old and New Testaments. John specifically identifies the purpose of Scripture in the twentieth chapter of his book. You read in verse thirty and thirty-one, “30 Jesus did many other miraculous signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book. 31 But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.”

Jesus did many miracles. More than we read about or even know about. He was the true miracle worker. He healed, fed, loved, rebuked, encouraged, taught, saved, and revealed. His purpose was to do his Father’s will. His Father’s will was to reconcile a fallen, depraved, hurting, and stinking world unto Himself. The stories God included in His book were for those who wouldn’t see or experience the earthly ministry of Christ. God chose these stories for us to hear – those of us who would never walk up to Jerusalem with Jesus, sit by the lakeside and hear the emphatic inflection of wisdom speak, or to know the physical touch of His hands as He washed our feet. God gave you His book to reveal the work of His Son for you. He wrote it so you would believe (think to be true) and trust in Jesus – believing He is the Christ (the Messiah). God wrote this book to introduce you to His loved Son. From the moment of creation in Genesis, God wants you to meet His Son Jesus. All of History points to this Jesus, the One by which all of history is to be interpreted.

God’s purpose of redemption is realized in the work of His Son. It is by believing, trusting, placing one’s faith and life into Christ Jesus that we experience the being of real life. This real life takes hold and possession of us when we are in Christ. It is a radical, separate, and different life. When we believe in His name, we believe in His authority, person, work, and reputation. When you believe in this Son you have life. This is the reason God wrote this incredible book and included these hand chosen stories – breathed from God Himself to all present day readers and future readers. He wrote this book to draw your attention to His Son. It’s the purpose of Scripture – God’s introduction.

Never be ashamed of the book God gave you. Read it, memorize it, treasure it, and share it. Know the stories, tell the stories, and teach the stories. God has called ever believer to be a disciple maker, so make disciples. If God gave you this book for the purpose of introducing you to His Son, use it to introduce others to Jesus.

One thought on “Scripture and Its Purpose

  1. Leslie Moorhead

    Do you remember the great British Empire of years past when this nation controlled approximately one-fourth of the world? Well, that empire dissolved and is now just an island nation that sits alone by itself. What does this mean to us and why the reason, you ask, for this illustration? Well, does it not ring a bell to mention that the Word of God, as told in the Bible, will always remain with us, while kingdoms come and kingdoms fall among us? God’s words will never perish though the world’s powers have come and gone in power. The Word of God has survived in time on this earth when everything else has failed.

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