The Time for Repentance is Now – Pray

It is time to repent! The moment is now. God is searching for a place to move and work. Yet, He will not visit upon an unclean, unconfessed, and unrepentant people. It’s time now to confess! What’s standing in the way of God working where you are right now? What sin remnant is lingering? It’s time to come clean, repent, and seek the Lord. Don’t delay and deny this essential action in your life right now. Come clean now – know freedom, purpose, and a re-orientated heart for this awesome Redeemer. What might your prayer of repentance read like? Would it resemble this?


I bow before you broken, ashamed, hurting, burdened, and sick. My soul’s anguish consuming; I desire you. I recognize the rent – restore my God, restore the passion for righteousness, a zealousness for ONLY You – your will, your plan, and your purpose. I confess my sin – I REPENT! Turning, I run to you. With each step of every giant stride I’m painfully aware of my unrighteousness and need of you. I am undone!

Lord, I confess my sin – it’s far too great a burden. I confess the sin of loving the created more than the creator – the valuing of the “things” of this world more than valuing You. It’s the stuff of life preoccupying mind, thought, attention, and priorities. I confess misplaced priorities and confess to allowing things to steal my time away from you and from serving you. You called me to be peculiar and to be separate unto You. Yet, Lord I’ve allowed the things of culture and context to stain. Father, wash the stink of the common away. I do not want to identify with the world, but with You and You ONLY. I confess pride, ego, and broken relationships. Restore, these Lord, I beg! I confess the sin of comfort – the seeking of comfortable and the desiring of comfort rather than sacrifice. Jesus, you willingly sacrificed. Lord, I surrender – all. I, Repent!

Lord, I confess the sin of political correctness. In an effort not to offend someone, I’ve offended you. The one True God, I have offended. Father, I desire to stand for truth, unashamed to proclaim. I know truth offends and yet you’ve called me to live, teach, and share truth. I confess the tolerance of other gods – possessions, relationships, and stuff. I confess a tolerance for heretical doctrine. And Lord, I confess the tolerance of false religions such as Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Unitarianism, Hinduism, and the like. You called your people not to tolerate false gods and faiths! You called your faith family to be uniquely separate unto you. Lord, instill a passion in me for those trapped and held in bondage by false faiths. Instill in me the desire to share the true story of freedom, redemption, and hope. Empower me to live the gospel unashamed and uncompromisingly. I, Repent!

Father, I confess the luke-warm temperature, the sin of believelessness, and the dumbing down of faith. I confess the sin of complacency. Let my heart ache over confessed belief unlived and undemonstrated. I confess the sin of discounting potential. I confess the sin of audiencing negativity. I confess the sin of trusting partially in self rather than trusting completely in you. I want to burn for you – let this life blaze with a passion for the gospel, for truth, and for You! Renew this heart, mind, and soul this very moment. Allow my gaze to see things as you see them. Let me not see the condition of the exterior, but the condition of the soul. Let me weep for the lost, break this heart that it would be passionate for you. Let me weep over my own unrighteousness and that of others too. Lord, I Repent!

Jesus, I believe you are coming soon. Let everyday of my life reflect the urgency of your appearing. I love you Jesus! For I beg these things in Your Name! Amen.