On the Bizarre Behavior of Charlie Sheen

Did you see the 20/20 interview with Charlie Sheen? Have to admit, after seeing a few of the teaser clips, I caught the hype and viewed it while following Twitter to see his brother trending too. At the end of the day, I was deeply saddened. Here’s a guy with every opportunity and yet he’s wasted it. I guess you and I are one of those “boring” people who watch his craziness from the sidelines as he crashes and burns. Charlie Sheen is another Hollywood statistic. But, before we see the good out of this scenario, he must take responsibility for his depraved and spent life. His narcissistic behavior is leading the heat on a course toward self destruction. He’s not hit bottom yet, but it can’t be too far away. Do you blame his publicist for quitting yesterday? How much damage control can you do after the 20/20 interview? The only winner last night was the network with a well watch episode.

If the bizarre behavior demonstrated during the interview is any indication of Sheen’s real life, it’s a very, very, very sad tale. If he really wants to make breakthroughs to enjoy what’s left of his life, he needs outside intervention and help. Sheen removed himself from any accountable relationships while maintaining unhealthy relationships which only fuel inappropriate behavior. The interview last night screamed of self-absorption and self-centeredness. It was all about Charlie, his view of others, and his using of people and things. What I saw last night was not an addict in recovery but a man unwilling to look reality in the face and deal with his problems. If you believed his story last night, you bought a lie. Addiction is an animal that can’t be tamed on one’s own. He sought to justify his inappropriate behavior. Charlie Sheen showed no remorse, repentance, or shame for his self-centered and inappropriate actions.

I hope the network makes good on their decision to end the show or at least replace Charlie’s character with a more responsible actor. If Charlie Sheen decided to change, he could do an incredible amount of good. On his present course, he doesn’t need to be on the stage as he crashes and burns.