A Chilling Thought – "The Chinese Professor"

The Chinese Professor is a chilling proposal. America is teetering on the brink of financial disaster. “We” as a nation can no longer afford (actually could never afford) to continue the adverse cycle of spending more than the tax base generates. The continued tax and spend philosophy isn’t prudent. At some point, you can no longer raise sufficient tax revenue to pay your obligations. Washington still proposes unbalanced budgeting. Their so-called present day solution is to spend even more money to spur the economy. According to the Washington Post about one-third of the budget is deemed “discretionary.” The other two-thirds is considered “mandatory.” Congress establishes discretionary spending annually. Mandatory spending is obligated funding to entitlement programs. According to the same article, net-interest paid will double in the next five years at current spending. This is astounding. We have elected men to protect the freedoms of this great nation, yet we’re witnessing gross misappropriation of funds and unsustainable spending. It’s time to balance the budget! It’s time to send Washington a message – an urgent message!