Shame on NPR!

Let me be one of many to say shame on National Public Radio! The action to sever their relationship with Juan Williams is once again a validation of a skewed bias demonstrated by many of our news services in America. Watch the clip as Williams recounts the events that led to the demise of his relationship with NPR. Where is the argument for free speech? Do all commentators tote a company line as they reflect upon life and current events? Is there a gag order in effect for Islam? Is there no authenticity or honor in the news business? Is our news filtered by corporate bias? Williams merely stated what many of us think when we travel American airports. If you’re honest, you’ve thought it too.

Here’s the reality of the situation. Hypothetically, had Williams made the “suspect” remark regarding Christians, priests, or clergy in general, the comments would have gone untested. Under freedom of speech, it’s alright to attack, mock, and abuse those who adhere to the Christian faith. It happens with ever increasing frequency. The slant, bias, and innuendo proliferates the airwaves and print media negatively depicting and impacting Christians. Yet, when it comes to Islam, we filter reporting with a politically correct bias. Don’t say, print, or give way to any negative discussion about Islamist. We ought to learn from history, it’s the same mistake Europe made. Its previous politically right bias behaviors are coming to roost and haunt. The European fallout is historical fact not just blogger jargon.

Somewhere along the way someone chose political correctness over describing reality. If we’re ever going to be honest with ourselves and the enormous challenges we face, we must openly discuss them without fear of retribution, attack, or debase behaviors. History need not repeat itself if we’ll wise up to the tactics.

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  1. Joseph

    It is outrageous that my tax dollars had a part in his dismissal. Juan Williams is truly a neutral voice of reason on our airwaves today. Ok Congress … DUMP National Public Radio NOW!

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