Quit Taking Life So Seriously!

Sometime we just need to…

Sometimes life is helped along with a little advice. I know each of these statements by experience.

Sometimes we just need to:

Quit being so easily offended!

It’s time to quit wearing your feelings on your sleeve. Quit being so easily offended and get over it. When I allow my offended attitude to infect my emotions and thinking, I’m the one walking around with the problem – I’m the one with the infection. If I’m easily offended, I’ve gotten a little to full of self and not surrendered enough to Him. Life is too short to walk around offended and too full of self.

Laugh every once in a while!

Laughter is truly a good medicine. Taking life too seriously can short-circuit life. Take a moment to laugh out loud. Laughter is contagious.

Quit being so dogmatic!

Don’t be so rigid, intolerant, or inflexible about plans, circumstances, and life. There are too many unknowns and uncertainties in the routine of life to allow inconveniences and challenges to get the best of us. Blessed are the flexible…

Let it go!

Sometimes we just hold on to stuff too long. It’s really amazing how long we’ll hold on to things that happened years ago or even things that really didn’t matter. Don’t let the past destroy your future. Let it go, release it, and walk away from it. Let the garbage go and let life begin. When you let go of what’s holding you down, life get a little lighter.

Quit trying to figure it out!

There are many of life’s interesting situations and scenarios that you’ll never have an answer for and will never understand. I’ve wasted too much time in life trying to figure out stuff I’ll never have an answer for. And, if I had the answer, it wouldn’t do me any good. Brain cells are precious; use them on something important.

Change collars!

Sometimes we get too hot under the collar and just need to change shirts. When life seems to grab you by the throat, it’s time to change collars. Take a mini-rest, or a walk around the block. Get out of the confusion and find a place where you can think and respond more clearly.

Quit worrying!

Simply stated. We worry too much about stuff we can’t do anything about. We lay awake at night living out scenarios we’ll never face. Did you know God told us not to worry? It’s not worth the time of day or the energy you’ll expense to worry about your circumstance. God promised to care for you and that’s all the assurance you need to face all of life.