Exercising Caution in the Delivery

Normally, I don’t post this kind of stuff. Believe me, I don’t make it up. Ran across this clip while checking out a site I’d heard about. This stuff is pretty amazing – not sure of the context or venue on this one. I’m not sure I could ever articulate these thoughts and still be standing after I did! The phrase, “You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar,” comes to mind. Additionally, this segment causes one to consider the necessity of caution in sharing opinions versus Scripture. Ministers are held to a higher standard in proclaiming Biblical truth as opposed to personal opinion. It’s hard sometimes, I admit. During certain life situations, we can be tempted or even persuaded to teach opinion over truth. Let’s not fall to the temptation. Let’s not surrender or abandon the call to proclaim God’s word. Let’s keep focused on what God is teaching and to the essential message for His people. We don’t need pulpits teaching opinions and traditions we need ministers teaching Scripture. This is the kind of stuff that simply amazes me.

4 thoughts on “Exercising Caution in the Delivery

  1. Charles cody

    Hey Brother Brad,
    I just happened to catch this one, don’t usually check. Guess I’ll try better. Comment: Our Adult 7 men’s class has been studying I Corinthians. Could this Preacher’s message be a timely appliation of Paul’s advice in the first part of chapter 7 (verses 1-6)!? Charles Cody

  2. Brad Hoffmann

    Hey Charles,

    Thanks for the post and thoughts. While I concede there is a potential application for both the husband and wife to care for their physical appearance, I’m not sure I would go as far as the minister in the video. We are instructed to care for the temple (the body) though the application in the earlier chapter is referenced in the context of fleeing sexual immorality. The extreme of the outward self-care of the appearance argument leads one into the direction of becoming more concerned with outward appearance than on the inward beauty. God looks at the inward; man looks at the outward appearance. In a day and time when both men and women are absorbed with personal appearance, we must tread both carefully and intentionally here. The implication that as our bodies age, they don’t necessarily hold the same “look” of our youth has to be considered in the equation. This section of scripture describes both physical and spiritual intimacy in the relationship – and the value of both. Paul charges both the man and the woman to fulfill their marital duty. He even makes the plea that it’s good for a man not to marry, but concedes that marriage creates an avenue for personal purity. Well, I guess that’s enough rambling for now.

  3. Peggy Arteberry

    Wow, this leaves me just speechless. Yes, while I agree we should stay in good health (men and women) it’s not a twitch with which to get leverage for ones own agenda. While the church I am attending now is nothing like this, I have seen pastors use the pulpit for their own opinions on certain topics without scripture back up quite often. The Bible tells us to study to show ourselves approved. How will we know what is scriptural or not if we don’t know God’s Word for ourselves? Thanks for bringing this to light. When people sit under someone like this usually their preaching doesn’t start this way, but becomes this way over time. Like the frog in the water pot. Put him in when the water is cold and then turn up the heat. After a while he we boil to death… because as the temperature rises he gets used to the water. It’s like that with this kind of preacher. I believe congregation members sometimes just don’t realize what kind of hot water they are in. Thanks for sharing! Please come over to my site and take a look at my blog. God bless.

  4. Brad Hoffmann

    Hey Peggy,

    Thanks for the comment and the post. You make some good points regarding people knowing God’s word for themselves. It’s important for believers to study and be acquainted with the principles and precepts of Scripture. Good analogy with the boiling frog. How true. Took a look at your site. Great job by the way. Very inspirational!

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