Why Do I Do Ministry?

Why do I do ministry? It’s an appropriate question for anyone in ministry. There is any number of adequate responses one could share. The primary reason I do ministry is because there’s nothing else I can do; it’s what I’m called to do. Anything outside of my calling is less than God’s purpose for my life. He’s called me to do the work of the ministry, that’s why I do ministry. Have I ever run from the call? Oh, yes, most definitely I have taken to a sprint in the other direction. Have I ever doubted my call? I’ve never doubted my call. I have lingered in discouragement, but never have I loitered in doubt. Living out this calling consumes me – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. My purpose is to fulfill the call of God that is on this life.

In this pursuit of the call there are some “things” one sheds. There’s a necessary disentanglement from worldly or cultural affections. The created stuff wanes in significance as compared to Christ. He is my passion and not the stuff crafted by man’s hands and ingenuity. Money, though it is a necessary object ceases to be the object of affection or pursuit. It is no longer a prize in which one seeks. Unrighteousness is shed. Righteousness is one’s being, not simply to survive. Survival isn’t the goal, but making the right decision or doing the right thing is. You become more conscious of what’s right rather than the grays or shadow hues. Impurity is shed. Purity becomes one’s passion. To desire that which is pure over that which is defiled permeates the mind and its thoughts. Serving, living, and being from a pure heart is demonstrated in actions motivated from a selfless Christ –centered consciousness. The list continues. We do ministry out a deep abide in the One that gives salvation, life, strength, vision, and power. We live by grace. We first accept it, and then give it away with a bold generosity.

Why do you do ministry?

4 thoughts on “Why Do I Do Ministry?

  1. Daisy

    I really like your blog! God Bless you and keep up the great work with your ministry! God Blesses those that work for him. :)
    Have a great day. :)

  2. Leslie

    Because God gave me a gift to use my voice to bring joy to those who will hear His voice speaking through mine.

    I don’t desire the affection or reward of monetary gain. I only desire to use what He has freely given me to give to others that which will bring praise and glory to His holy name.

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