On Praying About Dreams

As I was studying earlier this week, I had a rather significant God moment. While researching, I came across a website that reminded me of a dream I’d had for ministry previously. As I clicked through the site, I reminded God (as if He needed reminding) that this was the dream. I’d not seen a better model anywhere up to this point. As I wondered, I heard these words, “You have not, because you ask not.” I turned around to see if there was someone else in the room. And then I paused, I’d quit praying about this dream sometime ago. I grabbed a Bible from the shelf and turned the pages to James 4. As I read through the text, two painful lessons came to mind. Last year, I changed my older Bible for a new Bible. In the previous Bible, I maintained written on the back pages a list of dreams and would frequently pray over those dreams. To my neglect, I never transferred that list to my new Bible. Consequently, I quit praying for those dreams. The other lesson had to do with preoccupations. As I read through verses one and two, I noticed the distractions of personalities, situations, and self. My prayer life had become preoccupied with the urgent to the neglect of my dreams. The sad part, I’d not noticed until that moment. To make matters even more painful, I really do know better. It’s a principle I discuss with engaged couples all the time – “never stop dreaming nor talking about your dreams with each other.” Yet, I’d sort of stopped talking about some of my dreams with my heavenly Father. As you read a little more in the text, you also realize the importance behind the motivation of the prayer. Am I praying for personal achievement or is my genuine interest in the transformation of others? My desire is for the transformation of others.

By the way, I’ve transferred my “old” dream list to my current personal study Bible. I’ll take a moment to share with you some things on my list. Now don’t choke, some of these are pretty big. But, then our God is pretty big too! Maybe you can join with me in praying about these dreams? Some of these dreams have already been realized (italicized and bold); others are yet to be. These are dreams I’ve had for Memorial. Things I believe God can and even wants to do in this place.

  • Mission and Refuge House
  • Marriage Institute (Love Lessons, marriage enrichment opportunities)
  • House of Prayer
  • Campus Renovation (Renovation and expansion of useable spaces)
  • New Children’s Facility (Renovation of Children’s Space)
  • Ministry Village (A network of intentional ministry designed and developed to minister to the felt needs of society in order to gain the opportunity to share the Gospel.)
  • Counseling Center (competent Christian Counseling in Baytown)
  • Child Development Center (The expansion and continual enhancement of the Explorers Preschool)
  • Student Ministry Building (621 Building)
  • Multi-Site Ministry Approach (The North Campus – a beginning)
  • Cowboy Church
  • Coffee Shop/Book Store
  • Entrepreneurial Initiative (working for new business owners as they start their own businesses connecting them with legal, professional, and networking opportunities while sharing Biblical truths for business)
  • Parish Nursing Program
  • Assisted Living Center
  • Retirement Center (Independent living spaces)
  • Missions Center (Mission outreach center focused on local, state, national, and international causes and endeavors – teaching missions through education and participation)
  • Christian Men’s Job Corp
  • Christian Women’s Job Corp
  • Support/Recovery Ministry (Assisting families coping with tragedy and challenges)
  • Divorce Care/Recovery
  • Addictions Recovery (Helping the many overcome various addictions)
  • Tutoring Center (Afternoon tutoring center staffed with current or retired educators helping students)
  • Wellness Center/Programs (physical and spiritual instruction, programs, and classes to care for our physical bodies)
  • Service Center (Providing meals, food, clothing, showers, haircuts, legal, and mail service – assisting the many attempting to get back on their feet)
  • Senior Adult Day Care (Daily care)
  • Medical Clinic (Low income – for those unable to afford basic care. Achieved through a partnership with a larger medical entity)