You Determine Attitude – Choose Well

What will you think about today? Better yet, how will you think today? You have a choice; you alone determine your attitude. By choice, you choose to be either negative or positive in your demeanor and thought process. It’s up to you. Choose to dwell on the positive! Scripture instucts to think, consider, and ponder the better things. These are the things I choose to think about today!

2 thoughts on “You Determine Attitude – Choose Well

  1. Gloria

    I am trying to think positive with all this rainy, cold and very windy weather. I keep thinking I have so much to be thankful for. I am still able to get out in this weather and not laying in a bed in Healthcare or living in our Assisted Living Facility. Living here,volunteering and visiting as much as I do definitely keeps me on track. I just love working and visiting with the people here. Just a hug and a few words makes a lot of difference to many of them. A lot of people can’t do what I do and that is okay. That just happens to be my thing. I get much more than I give to them. Have a good day and thanks for helping me to keep on track.

    Aunt Gloria

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