A Mishap While Mowing

You might think I’m a little bit of a klutz and your opinion might just have some validity. It’s been a crazy week; too much to do and not enough time to complete the tasks. I spent most of the day in the office and at the Sterling Campus working. After arriving home, I had to mow the yard and do some work in the front landscaping. I was cutting up close to the south side of the house and “bumped” into the waterline. After the initial pop, water came spewing from the line. Because of where it broke, my only option was to turn the water off at the street. Just my luck, it’s 7:00 p.m. on a Saturday night and I have created a “new” project. After further investigation, I discovered the second break another foot or so below the surface. Fortunate for me, I made a couple of calls to some more knowledgeable people than myself and located a plumber. I’m thankful for Tito and Tito’s Plumbing. He showed up about thirty minutes after I called and completed the project in less than an hour. I think I’ll mow that area with greater attentiveness and caution next time. I’m thankful for running water once again in my house!

2 thoughts on “A Mishap While Mowing

  1. Gloria

    It might be a good idea to put some low fencing around that area. I know you are now aware, however, if Chris, Angie , Jo or Katey mow they might not be quite as aware as you are now!

    You were lucky to find someone to do it that quickly. God was with you on that one. :)

    Glad you have water now and hopefully a good rest of the weekend.

    I couldn’t resist saying something.

    Aunt Gloria

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