Do You Need a Snickers?

Have you seen the Snickers Commercial with Aretha Franklin and Liza Minnelli? It’s a little off the cuff, but very creative. Wrapped up in the quick 30-second spot, you discover an important life truth. You find a car full of friends. One in particular is seated in the back and acting irrationally. It’s a long road trip and the irritability meter is rising. Seated next to him, a friend offers a Snickers Bar to curb the hunger and ward off the irritability. This back seat buddy knew his friend well enough to speak to his attitude and suggest a course of corrective action.

In life, we all need at least one person who can speak truth into our life and will suggest courses of action for our benefit. This is someone who knows you because they’ve been given permission to know you. It’s a safe person who actually has your best interest at heart and not some subsequent agenda. This is a person who is willing to add value to you and your endeavors. Do you have someone like this? If so, you are blessed. If not, begin the search now. Because when we start acting like a jerk, we all need someone who will offer us a Snickers Bar!