Clarity Makes a Difference

I was so excited when I found this Sears Optical Commercial online. I’ve seen it several times; it’s one of my favorite post-Christmas commercials. This unassuming lady is calling for her cat to retire for the evening. She mistakenly identifies and subsequently invites a raccoon into her house and bed. Without her spectacles, she’s unable to distinguish the difference between a raccoon and a cat. The inability to distinguish between the two has disasterous implications.

I think this commercial has spiritual implications, too. The ability to distinguish between what is right and wrong; good and bad; and harmful and helpful is of strategic importance to the believer. Without the ability to distinguish between the greater and the lesser, we lose our effectiveness. Discernment is a vital necessity for the believer. When your spiritual sight is impeded with a lack of clarity, we are susceptible to making poor and even disasterous choices. Things aren’t always what they seem. Ask God to give you spiritual eyes to see with clarity. Ask God to give you wisdom to discern what is best and right. Don’t make a disaster choice just because it seemed or appeared right at the moment.