Is It Okay to Pray for Yourself?

Is it okay to pray for yourself? Absolutely! There are numerous examples of people praying for themselves in Scripture. What about Jabez? His prayer focused on God’s blessing in his life. Even Jesus prayed for himself. Read John 17 and discover how Jesus prayed for himself before He interceded for the disciples and future believers.

I guess we feel a little guilty about praying for ourselves? Is it because we think it selfish or self-absorbed? Is it we feel guilty talking about our personal concerns? Nonsense! Don’t think or even feel that way. The unfortunate truth is (and I know I’m going to sound a bit cynical) you may be the only one praying for you. Therefore, be sure and pray for self. Who else knows best the things you’re pondering and struggling with other than you?

Prayer is a relationship. It is the deep surrender and alignment of one’s will to the will of the Father. It’s a dialogue and an opportunity to listen to God’s direction in your life. You can pray about anything, but be sure to pray for you. Pray about your future; your plans today; a parking space; the right words to say; a God encounter that day; application of truth in your life; about your thoughts; your witness; appropriate decisions about food, dress, and leisure; your friendships; your personal growth; about your finances; your job; your health, your ministry; and even your attitude. The list doesn’t end here – it’s endless.

Take a few moments right now to pray for you. What is it that’s on the forefront of your mind and thoughts? What is it that you’ve been afraid to mention or even talk about? Take a few moments to talk with Jesus about you.

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