When the Church Pianist Catches You Off Guard

I really enjoy Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings. It is truly one of the highlights of my week. The atmosphere and spirit of the crowd is always encouraging. We’ve laughed and cried together. There have been answers to prayers prayed by this group that could be labeled nothing but “miracle.” God is doing something as people gather to pray. Sometimes we pray for ourselves, while at other times we intercede on behalf of others. We pray for our community, church, and the moving of God.

Last night, some of you might have wondered about my lost train of thought. Well, I have to confess it’s not dementia – at least not yet. One of the things I enjoy about Wednesday is the opportunity to look people in the eye as I teach. Last night when I turned to the piano side of the Chapel, I looked at Lori and this is what I saw (you can click the picture for a larger version). The last time I looked at her, she looked different. The next time I see her, she looks like this with music glasses. I thought I would post a picture that was taken of Lori later in choir just to demonstrate the uniqueness of the eyewear. Obviously, it caught me a little off guard!

Why do I tell you this? It is so we can simply laugh together. Memorial is a wonderful church made up of wonderful people. We have fun together and that’s what doing life together is about. I appreciate Lori greatly! She’s a blessing to my family and a blessing to our church. Maybe she’ll wear the glasses this Sunday. It is perfect eyewear for a pianist.