Thankful for the Influencers in Life

Have you thought recently about the people that have influenced your life? I was actually doing just that this morning after breakfast. I started reminiscing about the people that had added value to my life. Walking through the years, I couldn’t help but be revived in a sense because of all the people God had used in my life. There are actually too many to name in this post. But, one in particular came to mind this morning. And to make this post a little more interesting, when I returned to town this afternoon and stopped by the office to pick up the mail, there was a letter waiting for me from this man. Was this coincidence? I think not. It was a moment of affirmation. His name is Loren Mallory. God used this man to introduce me to Christ. I was student. My family and I had been to visit First Baptist Church of Orlando. Without fully understanding the ramifications, my mom had filled out a guest card. Consequently, we received an in home visit that next week. Loren and two ladies came to visit my family. Later, I would discover they were out on an Evangelism Explosion visit. Unfortunately, my parents were not home – but I was. That evening, Loren explained the Gospel to me and I surrendered my life to Christ. The faithfulness of those three people to share Christ made all the difference in my life. They brought to me a message that transformed my life, heart, and soul. I’m thankful for their investment, time, sacrifice, and prayer.