Are We That Lost?

Sometimes I think people do life while sleeping. Let me explain. There appears to be a disengagement from reality and an embracement of fantasy. A perfect example came to light this week, the discussion about the President’s address and the first episode of the final season of Lost. Here’s the headline: People were actually threatened and upset that “Lost” might be preempted by the President’s State of the Union Address! There seems to be a preference for a dream (that’s what Lost is, right?) than a dose of reality. I found it interesting that our President put everyone at ease when he decided not to interfere with the premier of the first episode for the final season. He decided not to move the State of the Union address to that time slot. All is saved and right in the world, “Lost” will be shown uninterrupted.

This may sound like a vent, but it is truly an observation. In my opinion, this is a sad commentary on the state of the people today. Is our nation so out of touch with reality that a television show dictates a President’s speaking schedule to Congress and our nation? Have things gotten so out of whack that our priority is now fantasy? Is our nation really that lost? It’s time to wake up and embrace the reality. It’s time to put things in perspective and put proper priorities in order. We’ll never rise above the mess of a nation on the verge of collapse, if we’re choosing fantasy over reality. I realize my statements might be a little aggressive, but I think someone needs to carry the banner and cause for sanity around here!