Blessing God in the Valley

I have to admit, I was a bit confused yesterday. After Upward practice last night, I headed home with Chris, cooked a little dinner, and sat down to watch the game. I don’t particularly hold grudges, but as a Gator fan it was rather hard to cheer for Alabama last night (especially since the Gators lost to Alabama this season). Yet, I do hold a bit of allegiance to the SEC, therefore I felt somewhat cornered without much choice. But, I live in Texas and should really cheer for the home team. So, you can sort of see my dilemma. I was sorry to see McCoy hurt, though Gilbert did a great job under the circumstances. But, you’re not here to read through my sports commentary. What I found most interesting was McCoy’s interview post-game and his response to a “feelings” question asked by the reporter. During his short reply, He took a moment to honor God. Isn’t it interesting, we honor Him so often in our victory, but what about when you’re in the valley? This young man was definitely in the valley last night, but took the opportunity to bless God. I was impressed by McCoy’s testimony at the moment. Watch it and see it for yourself.