The "Whole" Purpose

May He give you what your heart desires and fulfill your whole purpose. Psalm 20:4 (HCSB)

Sometimes in our Doctrine of God, we view Him as aloof or intentionally separate from creation and His creatures. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth. God is intentionally involved in His creation and the lives of His creatures. When I read passages like such as Psalm 20:4, I see the hands of the potter at work on the clay. God gives us the desires of our heart. This is not to say God is a vending machine of choices granting requests for our unrestrained wants. It is the Lord who plants in us His desires for our heart. When God plants His desires in us and we yield our desires to His (intentionally making His desires our desires), God begins a work of granting those desires in us. It is our heart in line with His heart. This is where the journey begins.

God has a purpose for life. When you make choices contrary to the desires of God, you miss out on experiencing the purpose God has for you. Your desire should not only be that God give you the desires of your heart, but that He would fulfill His whole purpose (your purpose discovered through the God given desires of your heart) in you. Here’s the deal, you just don’t want part of His purpose lived out in your life; you want His entire or whole purpose lived out in life. Why settle for part best, when you can have the “whole” best?

God’s whole purpose isn’t as distant as you might think. It begins with aligning your will with His will. Ask Him to give you the desires of your heart. Then you are on the track to discovering and living out your whole purpose. Find out God’s purpose for your life. What is it that He’s called you to do? Is there something in your way of realizing the whole purpose? Remove that which hinders and entangles you from this whole purpose. Live in God’s desire and purpose for your life. It’s the only place to reside.