Fifth Update on Mom (Friday Evening)

It has been quite a week and the news today was definitely good. The Bronch Procedure confirmed pneumonia and not a cancerous mass in mom’s left lung. We are elated and believe this to be a direct answer to prayer. As Jolanta and I stood talking to the Lung Specialist on Monday night, it was his opinion that Mom had lung cancer. I have great respect for this doctor and trust his intuition. I remember meeting him in the hallway last night with Jeff and Brian and we all stopped to talk for a moment. I remember his parting words to me, “keep praying.”

Mom continues to be in good spirits. She’s resting much of the time. She still continues a significant antibiotic regimen as well as additional medication. Additionally, they’ve been working and continue to work on an irregular heart rate. Her breathing continues to be labored, but that’s a part of the pneumonia for the most part. I anticipate mom will move out of ICU into a private room sometime tomorrow.

Jeff and Brian will leave to go back home tomorrow and will return next week to spend Thanksgiving and Jeff’s 40th birthday in Baytown. The entire family will be together for Thanksgiving – the first time in years. They’ve been busy every since their planes landed in Houston. If they haven’t been at the apartment working, then they’ve been at the hospital attending to mom. It’s been really good to have them hear. I’m proud of them both.

Keep praying. Mom is probably going to be in the hospital for a while. There’s still a lot of infection to overcome. We trust the Lord for healing and strength – the Great Physician.

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