Update Four (Thursday Evening)

I have some great news about Mom as per our conversation with the doctor just now. According to the CT Scan, he’s leaning more towards pneumonia instead of a malignant mass. How great is that! They will perform a Bronch tomorrow to get a sample and hopefully help the dissipation of the pneumonia from the lung. I’ll keep you posted. I’ll update more tomorrow about Mom’s condition after the test.

I fully believe this is another answer to prayer. Keep praying! Mom is in good spirits today. She ate a good turkey lunch. We rejoice and are thankful!

2 thoughts on “Update Four (Thursday Evening)

  1. Anonymous

    Brad, once again we thank you for your continued updates on Sharon. This is such great news and what we are praying so hard for. Give her our love and remind her she is in all our prayers. Also our love to all of you. Carol M.

  2. randy

    Brad, let Sharon know that she is in our thoughts and prayers. I am so glad that the family is there with her. I have such fond memories of Sharon. I am praying for her!


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