Monday Update on Mom’s Condition

What a Monday it has been. About an hour after I had arrived at the church, I received a call from the manager of the complex where Mom resides. She began to explain to me a series of events that had already transpired. There was a concern that Mom’s apartment was the source of a water leak in her building. Unable to gain access to Mom’s unit, the maintenance personnel broke open her door. They found her incoherent and sitting slumped over on her couch. They called 911 and moments later arrived at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital.

When I arrive at San Jacinto, I found Mom incoherent and unable to communicate. She was agitated and restless. As I talked with the medical personnel, it was blatantly obvious she was very sick. High fever, blood sugar, pneumonia, blood infection, liver malfunction, and dehydration were topics of conversation just for starters. Throughout the day, I watched them care for Mom in a remarkable way. There were four bags of antibiotics, fluids, tests, and blood taken and given today. Katey came by the hospital on her way back to Marshall. Some of Mom’s first words, “Hey, Sweetie” were spoken to her. Mom spoke no more than two-dozen words all day, mostly one or two at a time. But, she did speak. In order to sedate her and help manage the pain in her back, she was given morphine. She would at least rest peacefully. We watched her blood sugar and heart rate (including blood pressure) decrease some as the day progressed.

Perhaps the biggest shocker came from the lung specialist this evening. His initial diagnosis, after reading the tests, indicates the cancer has returned. According to the x-ray and the density of the area of concern, he believes there is a large tumor in her left lung. Many of you know my Mom as a cancer survivor. She beat the odds nearly 7 ½ years ago with colon cancer that had metastasized in the lymph system and the liver. Through a long bout of chemotherapy and liver surgery, she was (is) a miracle.

I remember the day I talked with the doctor about Mom’s first diagnosis of cancer following the colonoscopy at Florida Hospital. His words still stick in my mind and today I’ve relived that moment. As for now, we wait. They will continue to treat the infection for the next 48 hours or so. They will do another x-ray tomorrow to determine any changes in the area of concern. By mid-week or Thursday, they will do a procedure to biopsy the area.

One thing is for sure I don’t give up hope. I continue to pray for Mom’s healing. Perhaps it’s just a really bad case of pneumonia? Perhaps it is cancer? Perhaps He will heal, again! He can certainly do it. Thank you for praying for her today and please continue to do so! Thank you for the many texts, calls, and posts. They meant and mean a lot.

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