What is the most important quality in teambuilding?

The topic of teambuilding is at the center of my doctoral project. I’m in the process of completing a curriculum for “Teambuilding in a Multi-Staffed Church” environment. While I serve in both a multi-staffed and dual site (two campus) church, my focus isn’t primarily on the two campus dynamic though it is a part of the obvious equation. My focus is on teambuilding with our ministerial and professional staff. In the course of all this work, I’m interested in your perspective. This isn’t a scientific poll by any means and is simply an inquiry as to personal perceptions.

There are a number of factors that influence the dynamic of a team. Which of these factors or qualities do you consider to be the most important in an effective team? Here’s the list to choose from in the poll: trust, collaboration, communication, vision, learning and empowerment.

1. Trust – trust among the members of the team for each other.

2. Collaboration – an environment that fosters a value on group collaboration and contribution with a belief that individual contribution is valued by the whole.

3. Communication – consistent, authentic, and transparent communication among all team members.

4. Vision –a consistent vision and mission that is not only articulated, but is understood, supported, and valued by the team.

5. Learning – the team values learning and is actively involved in learning.

6. Empowerment – the team has authority to not only create, but has the opportunity to carry out a plan through an organization’s standard operation procedures and adoption.

These are limited definitions to the terminology regarding components of effective teamwork, but I think you get the idea. Out of this list, which would you choose to be singularly the most important component to effective teamwork? The poll is located in the right hand column. I appreciate you taking the time to vote! Thanks!